Hunter Stone

Full Stack Developer - Front End Specialist

B.S. Computer Science

Mimoun El-Lebbar
Mimoun El Lebbar

Full Stack Developer - Back End Specialist

B.S. Computer Engineering

Sohahn Oh

UI/UX Designer

B.A. Studio Art & Graphic Design

Ashleigh Nobleza
Ashleigh Nobleza

Creative Lead

B.A. Graphic Design

Lillian Diamond

Retention Marketing Manager

B.A. Communications & Culture

Brennan Montoni

Director of Business Development

M.S. Accounting Brennan is an experienced management consultant who has worked for PwC, Ernst & Young and Under Armour and has dedicated his career to helping companies design and execute strategies that boost overall performance through revenue generating initiatives, operating cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. He now leverages these skills to…

Brian Prince

Director of Marketing & Creative

B.S. Industrial & Product Design Brian possesses decades of creative and marketing experience highlighted with a robust background in the fashion and footwear industry. Having navigated client-facing roles, he holds a comprehensive skill set focused on developing and executing successful e-commerce strategies that drive brand differentiation. In addition to his meticulous attention to detail, Brian…

Robert Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer

B.S. Computer Science Rob has decades of experience managing both hardware and software integrations for complex computer networks in the ecommerce, professional services and utilities industries. Though Rob is our head developer and responsible for managing the software development team at Crossroads Co.Lab, his main talent is the ability to find technology solutions to problems…

Richard Patton
Richard Patton

Chief Operating Officer

J.D. & B.S. Business Management Richard has developed strong analytical and problem solving skills over a long career in consulting and advising in a number of industries. He now applies those same skills to the world of ecommerce and is the principal contract negotiator and troubleshooter for the agency. An experienced director of professional services…

Jordan Zukerberg

Chief Executive Officer

B.S. Information Systems Over the past twenty years, Jordan and his team have helped dozens of clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenue. Jordan understands that a successful online business requires synergy between development and marketing, as well as a team of experts to make it all work. We are founded on…