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Identify inefficiencies in the customer journey.
Implement the Plan


Put into place the most promising strategy and technology.


A/B test all changes, monitor the results, repeat.


eCommerce Consulting Services

Shifting to eCommerce

We help companies make the jump to online selling by building an ecommerce optimized website, integrating their inventory management system and executing a run-of-web digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to the online store, collect payment and connect with their logistics platform.
Top Funnel

Full Funnel Advertising

A run-of-web, cross-platform and cross-device, full funnel marketing campaign targets all of your potential customers, from those who have never visited your site, to those who have added products to their shopping cart but not purchased.
ERP & Backend Integration


We analyze your data and provide reports which identify problem and success areas to help you make decisions that will maximize profits and reduce wasted resources, then we implement those recommendations on your approval and budget timeline.

Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Ad Spend Management & Strategy

Social Media Advertising

Social media presents an ever evolving opportunity to market your products to a new audience. Our team has the expertise to maneuver through this landscape and efficiently use both established and up-and-coming platforms to direct market to those people whose interests are most inline with your product or service.
Google Search & Pay Per Click (PPC) Analysis & Implementation

Paid Search and PPC

Through platforms such as Google and Bing, we ensure your products or services are always at the top of search results, promoting your brand and guaranteeing a continual flow of high intent users to your website. Expertise is required to ensure that your PPC budget is managed properly, that you aren’t paying for non-relevant users or paying for users that were already intending to go to your site.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization has many components, including writing or linking to content that search engines will recognize as highly authoritative or relevant to a particular search term according to their ever evolving algorithms. The main benefit of of a well executed SEO strategy is getting relevant traffic without an associated advertising spend.
Email Direct Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of driving traffic and revenue. Email marketing efforts should generate about 30% of your total online revenue. We build and operate a full email marketing and retention system, using both automated and manual email campaigns to keep current customers engaged and get past customers re-engaged.
Social Media Ad Spend Management & Strategy

Organic Social Media

In addition to paid social media advertising, establishing a brand presence through non-paid “organic” social media is a proven and effective marketing strategy. Customers who engage with your brand, also think about your brand the next time they need a product that you sell and promote it to their own social networks, either online or in person, at no cost to you. We have experts that can manage all aspects of your social media accounts – from content capture to posting and engagement managment.
Affiliate Marketing Management & Fee Analysis

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates push your products to their followers and get paid a commission when a sale is made. While this sounds enticing, promoting your product and managing the payment process through a vast network of affiliates takes time and skill. There are many pitfalls that only an experienced affiliate marketing manager will know how to avoid. We are experts at affiliate marketing and can build and manage a successful program that will contribute to your bottom line at a predictable and affordable cost.

Web Development Services

Website Development & Theme Optimization

Web Design & Development

We have in-house graphic designers and UI/UX developers who can design and build a templated or fully customized website optimized for ecommerce and then use our in-house team of backend developers to integrated with Shopify and the clients existing ERP system.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Considering development-side SEO implications is an important strategy in building an optimize for ecommerce website. We can recommend and implement strategies, which includes link disavow, internal linking, menu structuring and overall optimization of site structure to ensure a high organic search ranking and therefore high traffic without a media spend attached to that traffic.
Amazon Web Sevices (AWS) Use/Need Analysis

AWS Hosting Optimization

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a giant in the information storage business and offers many services that can far exceed your ecommerce requirements. We can optimize and implement the proper services based on the size of your online presence. Only pay for what you need.

General Business Services

Consulting & ecommerce business advice


We can analyze every aspect of your online business for efficiency and propose a course of action which will improve any area of concern along with providing revenue projections and benchmarks for any KPI based on your specific market or business model.
Shipping & Logistics Analysis

Logistics Optimization

Selling a product online is only half the battle, getting it to the customer in a fast and cost effective manner is often times the biggest barrier to online success. We can implement logistics solutions that will keep your customers happy and not eat up all your profits.
Staffing & Training

Staffing & Training

We can provide education and training seminars for your current in-house marketing team or staff that are transitioning from more traditional sales into the world of digital marketing and sales.