Implement the Plan





Retention Email Workflows

Collars & Co needed to develop email workflows to build customer retention and monetize the customer database to decrease marketing cost.

APPROACH: Crossroads Co.Lab utilizing Klaviyo has developed 22 live email workflows that utilizes a robust logic tree taking into consideration Gender, Size purchase, Age, recent purchase data. Additionally they developed a pre-purchase workflow to capture individuals historically in a browse only mode. Additional workflows include not only cart abandonment but also Browse abandonment – targeting items that were viewed but not added to the cart.

RESULTS: In the last 12-months the pre-purchase welcome series has accounted for 16% ($3.5M) in sales volume. Cart/Check-out abandonment has resulted in a capture of over $1M with an additional $239k being generated by individuals that browsed and then left the site.

Social Content & Creative Strategy plus Management

Highly competitive women’s fashion brand was seeking to broaden reach and increase sales on Facebook as well as launch TikTok campaigns.

APPROACH: After completing a competitor analysis Crossroads Co.Lab launched “collections” of like clothing and changed the format of content from single descriptions to more storytelling format. Making use of the content creator network to include their photos/videos into advertising campaigns across Facebook and TikTok. The enhanced collections shift plus more organic content allowed for broadening of the geographic and demographic targeting to a wider audience still within the buyer persona.

RESULTS: After starting Q1 down 6% YoY the fashion retailer is now up 5% YoY representing an 11% gain in revenue. TikTok has also successfully launched and is now a viable channeling showing 4:1 ROAS on a consistent basis.

Realtime Google Shopping Optimization

Holabird Sports needed an intelligent way to display products via the Google display shopping feed and decrease cost by eliminating SKU sizes that had not historically shown high sales volume online. 

APPROACH: Crossroads Co.Lab created a dynamic price index (PI) going back through 5-years and 100’s of thousands of transactions to understand which specific SKUs based on size and gender had a high purchase intent online. In real time the PI assigned a cumulative size score and eliminated from the feed anything not likely to be bought online, ultimately updating Google 18x a day to maximize media spend. Products that consistently remained off the feed were ultimately “collected” into special sale groups reducing inventory holding cost.

RESULT: The budget optimization in real time increased ROAS to sustained models of above 10:1 and decreased inventory hold times in the warehouse. Ultimately, Holabird Sports also changed overall purchasing methods to minimize overbuys on sizes they didn’t need. 

Comprehensive Media Management

Shoe City, a fashion sneaker company, was faced with increasing competition and decreasing profitability which necessitated tight management across all media channels of the $432k media budget.

APPROACH: Historically, Shoe City had spent significantly on high velocity shoe launches as a foundational marketing element. Upon review, Crossroad Co.lab reduced media for launches by half  – while also cross-promoting multiple/like products to increase AOV. Crossroads Co.Lab also analyzed week to week historical spends to analyze shopper trends and adjusted budgets accordingly across all media channels. Within Facebook, Crossroads monitored ad creative interaction rates – changing creative more frequently to cycle out “old” stock.

RESULTS: With a 45% (2021 $790k vs 2022 $432k) reduction in marketing spend Crossroads Co.Lab beat 2021 sales by 5%. ROAS  traditionally a 4 or 5:1 hit a sustainable average of 20:1  with the new micro focused budgeting approach. 

Marketing Technology Deployment

Shopify Migration 1.0 to 2.0

A $2M DTC women’s fashion brand website with over 1,000 SKU’s lagged behind industry standard conversion rates. 

APPROACH: A migration from Shopify 1.0 to Shopify 2.0 enhanced the overall navigation and usability of the website. Specifically the introduction of “Collections” allowed for upselling multiple items within specific categories. Development of the site search and filter capabilities allowed for a wider assortment of “like” products to be highlighted. Additionally, a “Shop-the-look” feature was created to increase site engagement.

RESULT: Better visual merchandising and the robust search features increased total orders by 2% and AOV by 1.7%.  Navigational updates increased the organic search ranking resulting in a 15% increase in organic traffic.

Social + Website Launch & Salesforce CRM Integration

Trius Lending needed to update their digital presence including website and owned social platforms. Concurrently, they were also looking to building a robust lead generation engine integrating with Salesforce CRM to manage all stages of the sales process.

APPROACH: Crossroads Co.Lab led Trius through a brand effort to transform messaging and content. The revamped brand was translated to owned social platforms and a new website. While leading the Salesforce CRM integration Crossroads also rebuilt the email automation workflows and campaigns. Crossroads managed all content production, creative design, and branding efforts.

RESULT: Upon launch Trius Lending experienced their two best months for both lead volume and overall sales revenue.

Custom App Development

PhotoSquared had previously hired an offshore development team that had failed to deliver a complete mobile app for their on-demand printing experience. 

APPROACH: A complete rebuild of the mobile app using Ruby on Rails that supports both Apple/Android deployment. Also, we upgraded the payment processor to include modern check-out features including Paypal/Google Shopping/Apple Checkout. A simplified code base allowed for more robust features including; image filters, photo editing, and photo visualization. An integration with tracking software and deep linking functionality allowed PhotoSquared to attribute revenue  against specific campaigns. 

RESULTS: Consolidated disparate code base across three business functions into a single Mobile App. The optimized technology allowed PhotoSquared to auto scale during high volume activity and reduce technology infrastructure during slow periods minimizing annual technology investment.

Custom Shopify ERP Integration

Shoe City, a shoe retailer with 40 stores in the Baltimore/DC Metro area needed to migrate from Magento 1.0 to Shopify and integrate a legacy ERP system. Complicating logistics and fulfillment was the dispersed warehouse and store level inventory that factored into online product availability.

APPROACH: Crossroads Co.Lab built from the ground up a custom Shopify integration to handle real-time inventory, order processing, and fulfillment across the 40 store network. Critical to the ecommerce process was the ability to update 10,000 SKUs on a weekly and often daily basis. The ecommerce success hinged on the ability to determine if inventory was in the central warehouse or a local store and then route a truck to pull a pick-up order. Custom shipping development was created to ensure that partial orders were not shipped to cut down on logistics cost.

RESULTS: Upgraded the system that struggled to handle $500k in sales annually to handle more than $9M in annual revenue while still maintaining a dispersed fulfillment network.

ecommerce operations consulting

Financial Revenue Modeling

Bukowski Bears, traditionally a European wholesaler,  was considering a DTC model in the United States and hired Crossroads Co.Lab to build a financial model based on market opportunity, media budget, and technology spend.

APPROACH: Crossroads Co.Lab worked with Bukowski Bears to identify pricing models and predict sales volume against media budgets. Additionally, significant effort was spent on establishing accurate CPA’s a target ROAS. In order to increase velocity of sales, Crossroads Co.Lab targeted influencers, affiliates, and creators as a cost effective marketing channel.

RESULT: A successful launch of the company has resulted in ramped up sales volume, that has consistently increased MoM for each of the last 6-months.

Tax Nexus Analysis & Recommendations

Accelerated growth in revenue across the US created significant tax liability for Collars & Co that they did not fully comprehend.

APPROACH: Through a significant discovery process across 1,000’s of transactions cross referenced with individualized state requirements, Crossroads was able to uncover significant pending tax liability. Crossroads Co.lab worked on Collars & Cos behalf to determine where nexus events had previously occurred, which states needed immediate and future registrations. Utilizing Avalara and completing a Shopify integration, we have automated the calculation, collection, reporting, and remittance of all tax associated liabilities.

RESULT: This proactive analysis allowed Collars & Co to voluntarily disclose in states that had reached a Nexus event. The self-reporting of liability enabled them to avoid costly penalties and the integration between Shopify and Avalara now automates the compliance process.