Shoe City & YCMC this website was the online destination for Shoe City — a Baltimore staple in footwear and streetwear — and an example of a well established brick-and-mortar business that expanded into the ecommerce space. In partnership with their internal personnel, Crossroads Co.Lab assisted Shoe City in increasing their annual online revenue over 2500% within seven (7) years. We helped the client build an ecommerce optimized website, capable of handling high velocity sell through of launch product, integrated the site with their existing inventory and sales management system, and helped to implement a run of web marketing strategy that encompasses email, digital ads, social media, retargeting efforts and affiliate networks. Ongoing coordinated marketing campaigns, outstanding market trend awareness, insightful product selection, as well as efficiency analysis in all areas of the business, helped to turn into a profitable venture with annual revenue measured in the multiple millions of dollars.

Holabird Sports

Holabird Sports, a pioneer in the mail-order catalog business, is also one of Crossroads Co.Lab’s longest standing clients. Online selling was in its infancy when was created and onboarded, and this client has never shied away from using the latest technology and marketing strategies to improve their business. While Holabird Sports still operates a brick-and-mortar retail store which caters to serious running and racquet sports enthusiasts, the vast majority of their revenue comes from their ecommerce division. This success is driven by the strategies and technologies implemented by the team at Crossroads Co.Lab in conjunction with Holabird’s own in-house ecommerce managers and operators, who have produced consistent revenue growth over almost two decades.

Collars & Co

Collars & Co. is a direct to consumer (DTC) brand in the men’s apparel space. With their patent pending designs, Collars & Co. created the Dress Collar Polo™ to service the business casual niche market. After a viral video on TikTok raised the company’s profile, Collars & Co. decided to capitalize on the moment and sought out the assistance of Crossroads Co.Lab to build and implement a more robust ecommerce infrastructure. In short order, Collars and Crossroads have developed a strong collaborative relationship that encompassed site build, run-of-web digital marketing efforts, a sophisticated email remarketing and retention program and social media content production and utilization. The result was a more than 20X increase in revenue compared to the previous year. Stay tuned for some exciting new developments with Collars & Co. in the near future!

jbrds is a revolutionary new direct to consumer (DTC) brand that produces and sells a line of children’s shoes that are designed to be worn during a child’s crawl-to-walk development stage. In the crowded children’s footwear space, jbrds was aware that there would be very real challenges to getting market penetration for their product. In conjunction with the jbrds team, Crossroads Co.Lab has built an ecommerce optimized website that integrates with the current IBM iSeries based inventory & order management system, a run-of-web digital marketing program across all relevant social media channels, as well as a Kickstarter campaign and the requisite content needed to support these efforts.


SoBotanical is the only custom aromatherapy bar in the Baltimore tri-state area, born out of love for self-healing with plant medicine. When Sobotanical decided to increase their online presence, it was Crossroads Co.Lab. whom they decided to call to accomplish this goal. As we do with all of our clients, we worked together to design and build an ecommerce optimized website that both showcases Sobotanical’s beautiful event space, as well as makes the online shopping experience more user friendly. In addition to run-of-web digital marketing programs across all channels, we assisted Sobotanical in both video and content production for use across all social media, and built out retention/upsell technologies to increase both online and in-person sales and event attendance.

GENDR Cosmetics produces and sells a line of beauty products meant to be inclusive to all people who want to enhance their natural beauty. In the crowded health and beauty market space, GENDR Cosmetics was aware that there would be very real challenges to getting their product noticed. In conjunction with the GENDR team, Crossroads built a full ecommerce optimized website that integrates with Shopify for inventory management and analytics. In addition, a run-of-web digital marketing program has been implemented which targets and retargets prospective customers at all stages of the customer purchase journey.


PhotoSquared is a mobile app that allows users to take photos from their phone and turn them into hangable wall art for their homes. The application and event flow required a full re-analysis and redesign from Crossroads Co.Lab. Additionally, a full spectrum marketing plan was implemented to promote the app. While we are still in the beginning stages of working with this client, we have already started seeing improvements in their profitability and revenue. Check back for updates in the coming months as we prepare to launch a fully redesigned app in mid 2022.

Vendoo is an exciting web app which is geared toward helping web resellers to use just one tool to sell their products on multiple online marketplaces.  We have helped to implement an affiliate marketing program designed to promote the application to a broad base of users who specialize in marketplace selling, as well as pushed search and social campaigns targeting sellers on Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark and the like.