Shopify is the leading cloud-based ecommerce solution and services some of the largest companies in the world. Their platform is the go-to for many online startups and established businesses alike. We have access to enhanced resources and have extensive knowledge of integrating Shopify with various backend inventory and customer management systems. If you are considering switching to Shopify for your ecommerce needs, we can help with that transition and implementation.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing programs represent a $12 billion segment of the digital sales world in the US.  Approximately 15% of all digital media is made up from affiliate marketers.  If you have never heard the term, its basically a commission based incentive for various websites and individuals to promote your product to their user base.  Effectively implementing, safeguarding and managing an affiliate network based marketing strategy is something we at Crossroads Co.Lab have done time and time again for client after client.

Additional Partners