Billions and Billions Served

Crossroads Co.Lab was founded in 2003 by Jordan Zukerberg. Jordan embraced the idea that the internet could be more than just a directory for brick and mortar businesses — envisioning that the customer journey and core business functions could all be conducted online. Jordan’s goal was to create a one-stop-shop for everything ecommerce — from marketing and site development, to back end integration and content production — total integration of everything that touches the customer journey using a core guiding principal: People x Processes x Technology. 


With this philosophy in mind, over the next twenty years, Crossroads Co.Lab grew from a two-man startup to a full-service ecommerce consulting firm. This includes design and development of ecommerce optimized websites, backend integration, run-of-web marketing across all platforms and devices, creative asset buildout, content capture, business strategy development, implementation and analysis, and much more. Our team consists of professionals from a range of disciplines such as programming, marketing, information systems, business management, legal, graphic design, communications, writing and film & photography.


Under Jordan’s vision and leadership, Crossroads Co.Lab has served billions and billions of online ads and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Crossroads CEO & Director of Strategy Development
Jordan Zukerberg

Chief Executive Officer

Over the past twenty years, Jordan has helped dozens of clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenue. Jordan understands that a successful online business requires synergy between development and marketing, as well as requiring a knowledgeable team of professionals to make it all work. Jordan founded Crossroads Co.Lab on the idea that everything that touches the ecommerce customer journey can be integrated and optimized — that is his obsession.

When Jordan isn’t obsessing over KPI’s, he spends his time obsessing over his wife and their dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Nala.

Richard Patton, J.D.

Chief Operations Officer

In his previous career as a defense lawyer, Rick was able to hone his analytical, negotiating and problem solving skills both, in the courtroom and in the business world. An experienced owner and manager of professional services organizations, Rick manages and directs the operations of Crossroads Co.Lab and handles efficiency analysis, negotiations and compliance issues for the company and our clients.

When Rick is not driving a hard bargain, he can usually be found taking the scenic route with the convertible top down on his sports car.

Crossroads CTO & Director of Development
Robert Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer

Rob has decades of experience managing both hardware and software integrations for complex computer networks in the ecommerce, professional services and utilities industries. Though Rob is our head developer and responsible for managing the software development team at Crossroads Co.Lab, his main talent is the ability to find technology solutions to problems that affect our clients’ bottom line.

When Rob isn’t reviewing code or moderating a Reddit thread, he can be found chauffeuring his 9-year-old daughter around in his tech laden Mercedes Benz (with AMG package).

Patrick Sedlander

Director of Marketing and Creative

B.A. Graphic Design

In addition to graphic design duties Patrick directs the marketing team at Crossroads Co.Lab using the organizational skills and high-level design experience gained from his past work at large firms which primarily represented Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Patrick also has expertise in the area of print design, a skill he rarely gets to showcase these days.

When not perfecting font kerning & tracking for clients, Patrick enjoys hiking, gardening and raising his newborn son with his wife Elyse.

Relationship Manager and Director of Community Outreach
Hanan Majzoub, M.D.

Business Development and International Liaison

User Interface (UI) Developer
Matthew Crigger

Full Stack Developer - Front End Specialist

Systems Integration & Backend Developer
Mimoun El Lebbar

Full Stack Developer - Back End Specialist

Retention & Copy Specialist
Kelsey Snyder

Remarketing / Retention Specialist

Analytics & Google Search Specialist
Drew Stern

SEO and PPC Specialist

Ashley Nowlin

Affiliate Outreach & Asset Production Coordinator

Natalie Agostini

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Armando Santos

Social Media Marketing Manager