On October 17, 2023 Klaviyo published an article titled:

Advanced behavioral targeting: 10 ways to segment your audience—with directions on how to market to each one. 

A great read for anyone that thinks their segmentation could be ramped up. Eric Jones, VP at Crossroads summarized the read here:

  • Segmentation is the bridge that connects insights gained from behavioral data to content received by subscribers, customers, and potential customers.
  • Target forms can be displayed on-site based on segmentation, a feature not common outside of Klaviyo.
  • Sign-up forms can be tailored to acquisition sources and customized welcome series can also be launched.
  • An “Espresso Shot” email re-send can result in high open rates and revenue capture.
  • For add-to-cart abandoners, send a friendly reminder; try cross-selling or upselling through personalized product recommendations for purchased items.
  • VIPs should be given special opportunities such as teasers for new products and early access to limited offers or deals; use SMS for these exclusive updates to maximize customer intimacy with the brand.
  • For brands releasing a new version of a popular product or responding to negative reviews, tailor email campaigns for these specific segments with customized messaging.
  • Layered behavioral targeting using first-party data can reach those not subscribed to owned marketing channels via social media, Google Ads, and direct mail.
  • Leverage predictive analytics for lapsed but high CLTV customers at risk of churning by targeting higher than normal discounts – to avoid a purge.

See the entire article here!

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