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PhotoSquared Launches Updated App

BALTIMORE – October 13, 2022 – PhotoSquared launches an updated app, redeveloped and rereleased by Crossroads Co.Lab. PhotoSquared’s new app improves the overall user experience through numerous new features that allow users to create fully customizable photo decor seamlessly.

The Crossroads Co.Lab development team transitioned the app to a single code base on iOS and Android, allowing the app to run more efficiently and updates to happen faster. New features include PayPal and Apple Pay integrations and an enhanced user experience with new image filters and a “preview” option before purchasing.

Along with executing PhotoSquared’s new app launch, Crossroads Co.Lab handles the app’s backend servers, UI/UX design, and growth marketing through affiliate and influencer programs and campaign development.


PhotoSquared reimages the way you preserve memories by bringing photos to life through customizable wall art. PhotoSquares stick to virtually any flat surface and flawlessly come off the wall without leaving any marks. PhotoSquares are water-resistant, uv-resistant, and complimentary free shipping include with every order. For more information about PhotoSquared visit or @photosquaredapp on social media. Download the PhotoSquared App in the Apple app store and Google Play Store today!

Crossroads Co.Lab was founded in 2003 with the mission of creating a full-service consulting agency for everything e-commerce — from site development, programming, and digital marketing to goal-funnel analysis, asset production, and operations management — total integration of everything that touches the online customer journey. Since then, Crossroads has served billions of ads worldwide and has generated in excess of $200M in revenue for their clients.

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