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jbrds Surpasses Kickstarter Goal in 48 Hours

BALTIMORE – April 21, 2022 – jbrds, a children’s footwear company co-founded by podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Jay Lebow and represented by Crossroads Co.Lab, reached their Kickstarter goal in only 48 hours! 

jbrds sought out Crossroads Co. Lab services when they first conceptualized the idea of designing a shoe specifically to support a child’s growing foot. Crossroads Co.Lab has facilitated the development of the jbrds from identifying brand identity to building an e-commerce website that integrates with their current IBM iSeries based inventory and order management system and leading jbrds Kickstarter campaign launch.

With the Kickstarter goal successfully fulfilled, jbrds will move forward with the production of their Stand2Walk shoes, designed for ages 9-18 months, and their partnership with Crossroads Co.Lab to expand brand awareness through full-funnel digital marketing campaigns inclusive of email automation, journeys, flows, SMS, social and influencer marketing, paid ads, graphic design, and user experience strategy.

Order jbrds at www.jbrds.com starting June 2022!


jbrds is a Baltimore-based footwear startup for infants, toddlers and kids. Its mission is to start kids off on the right foot for a life filled with physical activity. jbrds is creating innovative footwear with its introductory shoe, the Stand2Walk, designed to uniquely support the lateral column and developing cuboid bone while stabilizing a child’s heel. Purchase jbrds at www.jbrds.com

Crossroads Co.Lab was founded by Jordan Zukerberg in 2003 with the mission of creating a full-service, one-stop-shop for everything e-commerce — from site development, programming, and digital marketing to goal-funnel analysis, asset production, and operations management — total integration of everything that touches the online customer journey. Since then, Crossroads has expanded to include comprehensive digital marketing encompassing both paid and organic social media optimization, email marketing and retention, and public relations.

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